Manual & Automation Testing

Our team can leverage your products a few more important steps with the Q matter!

Manual & Automation Testing

We offer end-to-end Agile Testing Services for Complex systems and also web and mobile applications. Our Testing Agile team can be a part of your team working on your product development cycle. Together as a united team, we can bring your software and systems into the next level with Quality!

These testing services are being served to our High Tech giants in the world:

  • > Test Automation 
  • > Independent Validation & Verification (IV & V)
  • > Mobile Testing (Manual and Automation) 
  • > Web Application Testing

and we name a few of our daily testing tools:

  • > Selenium Web Driver
  • > Load Runner 
  • > Quick Test Pro
  • > Web Driver IO
  • > Appium

with using our testing report tools:

  • > Mantis
  • > Jira 
  • > Allure Report
  • > TestLink

Manual & Automation Testing


Manual and Test Automation for Mobile Apps

Together with our development team and also our quality control and verification team of our customer, our Agile Testers participate in performing regression tests for every sprint as well as to produce and execute automation test cases for our rich-high-end mobile apps to control smart homes of many end-users in the world.

Performing Regression Tests on Big Data Application

Every single day, we retrieve at least 5 GB of data produced from e-Microscopes running at our end-customers and engineering fields. Our Agile team fetches data into our applications to verify whether our algorithms are still running fine. By doing this, we are proactively providing new patch updates for quickly tacking new problems ocured on the field.