Applied mathematical design for a radical new performance level and accelerating innovation.


Mathware for software and hardware, Mathware is the result of the creative and pragmatic application of mathematics within technology. With Mathware, Sioux supports clients in solving technological issues. We offer a very high level of competence with a low entry threshold in the unique combination of applied mathematics, mathematical physics, data science, statistics and operations research. We improve the competitiveness of clients with competences such as modeling, simulation, imaging, algorithmics and data analysis. Our added value often involves the synergy of mathware software and hardware development.

Janne Brok, Commercial Manager at Sioux LIME

‘You can only break through technological boundaries if you understand the underlying structures fundamentally.’



We finish the application from design to full implementation. The user can select which model to load (Male or Female). Based on the smaller parts of models that are defined in XML, we dynamically create the menu to switch model parts. Animations can be added to the model then to be played by gazing and air tapping the model. The whole model can be manipulated using toolbar which includes: Rotate/Scale/Move.


The algorithms have been developed to achieve maximum accuracy within minimum time. Sioux has developed “Smart Camera” so that it can be applied to countless use cases, within households, corporations and even the public. The goal of this project is to eliminate the gap between humans and technology.


The ultrasonic waves used to take the measurements are many times smaller than the relevant object itself. This means it is extremely hard to create a computer programme that can simulate the expected propagation of the wave within an acceptable computing time. Sioux described the mathematical critical elements behind the propagation and reflections. Thanks to this insight, Sioux was able to implement an algorithm which, on a multi-processor system or graphics processing unit (GPU), can compute a 3D calculation at lightning speed.


By using advanced image analysis techniques, Sioux developed an efficient and robust recognition algorithm. The new algorithm flawlessly collaborates with the client’s existing specialized camera, which guarantees an operation that meets the highest standards, during the day and at night.