Equipment Control Platforms

Software design, development and integration for high performance of high-tech modules, systems and machines.

Equipment Control Platforms

The One-stop shop for innovative high-tech equipment Sioux stands out as a technology partner with unique knowledge and experience in developing equipment control platforms. This is how we help OEMs to perform better in their international markets. The performance of high-tech modules, systems and machines is increasingly determined by the quality and intelligence of (embedded) software. This is one of Sioux's most important knowledge domains, as a custom innovator and developer of standard solutions for various state-of-the-art equipment control platforms. We assist OEMs in accelerating innovation and reducing costs. For the most complex high tech systems, Sioux has also developed a seven-layer Equipment Architecture Platform (SEAP).

Equipment Control Platforms
Robert Hendriksen, software architect at Sioux.

‘By deploying its own Equipment Platform, Sioux has developed a completely new control architecture.’



Sioux developed the complete software suite for the SoLayTec production machine. This includes motion control, material logistics, machine control, algorithms, calibration, and the GUI.


Sioux provided the necessary development and implementation of the control software. Five new mechatronic modules were added to the prototype 12’ control software (Thor). Changes were made in all layers of the Thor architecture (the I/O layer, the System layer and the Control/Application layer): wafer height mapping, recipe parsing and dicing trajectory calculation, contour mapping, wafer alignment using on- and off-axis cameras and laser control application.


A Sioux SWAT team, consisting of an experienced embedded architect and a software engineer, worked together with the Metrohm team to define the new platform based on functional and non-functional requirements. The choices made were quickly validated by the software engineer on a commercial prototype board.


Lithography for advanced packaging is different from lithography for front-end wafer processing. The requirements involved are special and varying. The resist films range from thin to thick. Kulicke & Soffa developed the Liteq 500, a wafer stepper that is flexible and can effectively deal with all these variations and specific needs.