Consumer Electronics & Telecom

Advanced software stacks for connected modules, products, and mobile apps.

Consumer Electronics & Telecom

Intelligent user interfaces, portals and mobile apps, application and embedded software Sioux is a specialist in the development of high-quality software stacks for manufacturers of high-quality consumer and telecom products. Our focus is on quality, innovation speed and cost-effectiveness. In doing so, we contribute to increasing the flexibility, performance and lifespan of their products and systems. The consumer electronics & telecom market is in full swing. Consumer demand changes continuously. Technology becomes increasingly complex and develops rapidly. For example, more and more products and systems communicate with each other and are operated by one device. That is why the development and application of smart software will determine evermore the OEM's success.

Consumer Electronics & Telecom
Koen De Bruyn, chief architect at Niko

‘Sioux contracts and takes on fixed price projects and quickly switches between their international locations.’



The switch to OEM in high tech home control systems is deeply rooted in the organization of Niko, the Belgian market leader in classical switchgear. Sioux supports the company as a software architect and developer, concept designer, process consultant and strategic sparring partner.


Sioux used an agile approach for this project; we created working software every two weeks to obtain early feedback from customers and users and worked according to their priorities. Sioux designed, implemented and tested the new software components that were necessary for gaining the requested functionality. Sioux also proposed a list of several functional improvements that have already been adopted by TKH.