State-of-the-art high-tech solutions for the analytical market.


Development and manufacturing of modern analysis equipment for research and industry Sioux designs, develops and produces high-quality, competitive modules, systems and machines for the analytical market. This will strengthen the competitiveness of OEMs in laboratory technology, chemistry, biotechnology and pharma sectors. Our competencies cover the entire development and acquisition process of high-tech equipment, from software, electronics, mechatronics and mathware to production. In doing so, we strengthen the OEM's business cases by focusing on innovation, acceleration and cost-effectiveness. Analytical systems possess a wide variety of functionalities such as accurate sampling and preparation, conditioning, detection, monitoring, visualisation and data processing. Consequently, the realisation of high-quality equipment requires a multidisciplinary approach and high-quality technological skills. Sioux combines these qualities within various market-specific knowledge domains.

Bas van Loon, project manager at Sioux

‘Mobile apps can make or break your product. ’



Sioux has become a strategic partner working at the core of the systems and taking responsibility for the results. At the location in Eindhoven, there are continuous development projects in varying teams. Sioux’s Development Center in Vietnam and Russia focus on issues such as service software and software maintenance. Sioux developed and built the CryoTEM workflow app for FEI Company and the Flexible Image Taker for FEI electron microscopes.


Sioux has started working on custom driver development, using modern software development processes such as Agile and Continuous Integration. Short development iteration cycles have resulted in valuable feedback from the customer, thus ensuring solid project monitoring and on-time delivery.


Sioux maintains Technobis’ software and provides various services throughout the full software lifecycle, from technical specification to resolving of issues. Among other things, Sioux designed, implemented and tested the new GUI and made modifications to the communication layers, firmware, and database. Sioux has also proposed several functional improvements over time that have been adopted by Technobis.