We believe that through technological innovation we can contribute to a society that is cleaner, safer, healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable.

As an innovative technology partner, 
we support customers in the field of technical software engineering, mechatronics, electronics, industrial mathematics and remote solutions. This enables them to serve their end customers optimally.

We believe in open innovation as a way towards a smart top economy in which profits are a means and not an end. 

We believe in flexible and learning organizations, and especially in the power of collaboration. We believe in the emergence of head-tail businesses, because in addition to the existing large multinationals, we'll need new businesses that enrich our economy.

Our dedicated employees are our strength. We believe in the power of sincere interest in people. We believe in management based on values, together with competent and smart people.

We are committed to win because this unleashes the best in us.


Together with our engineers we develop smart solutions that make a difference. We achieve this by recruiting and continuously developing the best engineers on the basis of attitude, skills and knowledge so they can strengthen or act as the R & D and production department for our customers.


Hans Duisters & Huy Nguyen