Among Vietnamese software companies, most of the Team Leaders/Project Managers grow from Software Engineer position, they may always find challenging in growing along with management skill, problem-solving, customer management, …. It seems like the game is never enough.

At Sioux, WE PUT PEOPLE AT OUR FOCUS, the Project Management training course dated 14th July 2017 is one of our continuous effort in developing people.




Trieu Vu, Project Lead, Sioux High Tech Software Danang, shared his thought after attending the training course: "I was impressed by the excellent trainer. The training program is very practical with continuously effective interaction among trainer and trainees. This is the best training course I ever participated in".



A big thank to our Trainer: Jan- Mathijs Wijnands - Development Center Manager, The Process Coach from Sioux Eindhoven for spending his valuable time to shared us useful knowledge at the Sioux Academy.