The 3rd Sioux Coffee: "Software Generator"


The third Sioux Coffee, “Software Generator” just happened with the guest speaker - Robert Hendriksen - an expert of software architect from Sioux Group in the Netherlands, with nearly 30 software engineers.




Robert believes in minimizing development errors by creating tools for the domain expert. In recent projects, he applied his knowledge to reduce manual coding, simplify testing and improve overall quality.



By his enthusiasm and professionalism, he introduced to the participants the basic knowledge about Code Generator. How to build a state machine to create a language that many people can understand and visualize. From that model, participants can generate code for their own project.




Thinh Kieu shared: “First impression of Sioux Coffee is that we have a great speaker, friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced. He introduced a complex topic - Code Generator - with a lot of specific, practical examples and visual diagrams. I learned much more new helpful knowledge from the Coffee, that day. Also, food and drinks are delicious, I like them, too.”