Sioux I/O with the theme “Come and See” on February 2017, Sioux had the honor of welcoming guests to come and visit us at Sioux office. We had many interesting games and activities such as: Open office tour, HoloLens, Coffee Talk, Food, networking and job opportunities.




As always, we received a lot of questions from our guests in terms of projects, ways of working and company culture. We were happy to share with them about what we’re doing; our belief in people-oriented company and in technology. We understand deeply that each person has their own ability to create values for company. At Sioux, we give chance for them to discover their potential ability.




Thanks everyone for your visit, constructive questions and open-minded attitude to learning about us. We hope to organize more exciting Sioux I/O in the future.



Watch this video clip about Sioux IO in February 2017:

See you in the next Sioux I/O!!!!