Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Information and Communications visited Sioux

Deputy Director of DaNang Department of Information and Communications visited Sioux


Last Thursday 12th October 2017, Mr. Le Son Phong, Deputy Director of Department of Information and Communications had visited Sioux High Tech Software. Mr. Phong showed high interest for Sioux software development fields and Sioux's contribution to Danang city through “DanaBus & Góp Ý Đà Nẵng” mobile app projects.




Mr. Phong also shared the difficulties that the company are facing at this moment and opened for the support from the government. Since IT development is one of the major economic orientations of the city and Sioux is one of the important partners which will contribute to creating the foundation for the building of Da Nang’s e-government model and smart city in the near future.




We sincerely thank Mr.Phong for his visited and happy to contribute to the development of DaNang City.

The fourth Sioux Coffee "Scrum Effectively With Games" Workshop



In a haft day, Rob Bertrams, Speaker of Sioux Coffee, Project Manager from Sioux Eindhoven introduced Scrum concepts and step by step -  how to do an effective Scrum meeting. He also created a real live burndown chart about the timing of the workshop that was totally interesting to all participants, software engineers in Danang.



The 4th Sioux Coffee was much more than just a set of slides and an instructor, it was a combination of theory and hands-on exercises where participants worked on a “Delivery beer” game together as a Scrum team. The game helped them to hands-on exercises about Scrum.








Throughout the workshop, participants are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.






Thanks to our speaker, Rob Bertrams, for a really nice, fun, informative workshop and the jury of the game, Bas Van Loon, for being a very proactive bartender. 

See you all in our next Sioux Coffee!

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Sioux Academy: Project Management Premium Course



Among Vietnamese software companies, most of the Team Leaders/Project Managers grow from Software Engineer position, they may always find challenging in growing along with management skill, problem-solving, customer management, …. It seems like the game is never enough.

At Sioux, WE PUT PEOPLE AT OUR FOCUS, the Project Management training course dated 14th July 2017 is one of our continuous effort in developing people.




Trieu Vu, Project Lead, Sioux High Tech Software Danang, shared his thought after attending the training course: "I was impressed by the excellent trainer. The training program is very practical with continuously effective interaction among trainer and trainees. This is the best training course I ever participated in".



A big thank to our Trainer: Jan- Mathijs Wijnands - Development Center Manager, The Process Coach from Sioux Eindhoven for spending his valuable time to shared us useful knowledge at the Sioux Academy.

[Sioux Powwow Q.3 2017] Company Meeting



More than half of 2017 is already over and it's 'Powwow time', company meeting, when we always commit “HOT”: Honest, Open and Transparent to the TEAM.

It's time to review what we had attained during the last three months and update company vision, mission, strategies. Besides, it's a chance for us to understand more about our team members.








Together, we'll keep trying our best to fill the remaining months of 2017 with full of amazing things.






Human Anatomy On HoloLens Demo



“Human Anatomy on HoloLens” application which is developed by Sioux Vietnam following the requirement of a startup company in Australia, can change the ways of  learning human body by the interactive way. 




Using this app, viewers can walk around a holographic human body standing in the middle of the room with its arms spread out. The body does not have skin, allowing viewers to see the muscles, heart, lungs, kidneys and so on. Step in a little closer and viewers can see the bones and organs underneath, depending on how close they move to the body using footsteps.



“This project was completed in one month by using .NET, UWP and Unity3D. We think that this app displays the future of the HoloLens in a practical and educational sense. It’s could change the way we teach anatomy and our understanding of the human body as we help to prepare the next generation of doctors.” said Tu Nguyen, Software Engineer of Sioux.






At Sioux, we always challenge our engineers with new technology projects to create great products for better life.

Watch the video demo of "Human Anatomy on HoloLens" via this link: