Development centre

Sioux_Development CentreTo be able to offer more to our customers, Sioux has independently been developing products at its own Development Centres in Vietnam, the Netherlands and Belgium.


The success behind the scenes

At our expertise centers, we work on new technologies for our customers. As our experience has shown, the products of our customers score above average. We are proud that we always succeed in creating an excellent team to support our customers and provide measurable added value. It goes without saying that this does not occur automatically. We continuously invest in multidisciplinary knowledge and know-how for the latest platforms and technologies. When you combine this high level of knowledge and attention on soft skills with our willingness to co-invest in your success you will see the (extra) benefits Sioux has to offer.


Quality System

Because long-term relations and satisfied customers are of paramount importance to us the Development Centre has developed, in association with Sioux Consulting, a modified Quality System founded upon the Capability Maturity Model. All of Sioux employees are totally committed to our quality objectives and  develop all products following the procedures and methods laid out in our internal quality system. The Quality System is embedded into our way of working; the flexibility enables universal deployment on a wide range of projects, without any need for modification. This ensures no loss of productivity and further reduces overhead, allowing us to fully concentrate on your product and not the process.