Business models

Development CentreThere are many suppliers of software technology. But there is only one company who dares to take action together with its customers. The Sioux Development Centre actually accepts result responsibility and offers you types of financing that emphasise this. The latter vary from revenue sharing to development at personal risk and expense.


Types of cooperation

Not one situation is the same. In consultation we determine which type of cooperation suits your assignment the best. There are various variants:


  • declaration of time & materials (obligation of best intents)

  • fixed project price with result obligation

  • revenue sharing whereby Sioux shares in risks and income

  • licensing whereby Sioux retains the title of the developed software and whereby you pay on the basis of a licence fee per sold product

  • cooperation in a consortium with other disciplines that mutually invest in the production of an end product


Thanks to our flexible, enterprising attitude we have already accomplished many market successes together with our customers. From electron microscope to vending machine, from set-up box to mail sorting system…Sioux supplies the success behind the scenes.



Licence-based sales have been a common property for PC software, but can just as well be used for tailor-made software. Who purchases a licence will have the worldwide right to use the software whereby the title (intellectual property) remains the sole property of the developer. Sioux offers this form of participation under the credo "Laughing together, crying together". In advance Sioux completely finances the development costs for the software and settles on the basis of the actual sales of the end product. In this way you can be certain about the costs whilst you share the uncertainty about the expected success with Sioux. The important component of this form is the business case establishment. In advance the return on investment period of an intended development is consciously examined. In case acceptable the licence fee will be determined and mentioned on the bill of materials. In this way it is translated into the overall cost price.