Total solutions

Sioux_totalsolutionsMore and more mechanical apparatus use embedded software control and thus has a dedicated screen or monitor;  these new features open new markets and possibilities such as the “infotainment” domain. In fact; as the end-user becomes more “connected” these dedicated screens. In fact; as the end-user becomes more "connected", and if the device is not in use for their primary task, these dedicated screens could be employed as an alternative form of communication or advertising.


With the remote management building blocks application Machine2World®, Sioux has developed a bespoke remote application suite. The software platform is based on a flexible and scalable architecture, which results in seamless coupling between multi site, multi type equipment – large or small – everything is possible.


Machine2World® consists of three parts:

  • Data/control: control access to the machine by means of modern communication techniques and protocols(GSM, Internet, etc.). Handles specific communication data from machine(s) and renders communication between machine(s) via the Internet.

  • Logic: one application layer which communicates with all the equipment ‘in the field’ and also acts as the central data storage.  

  • Interface: execution of management, service and diagnostic tasks. By means of a user GUI portal on your Internet browser data and machine management can be carried out remotely.


As a result of the implementation of Internet protocols there are no limitations on the number of physical connection made via the remote management application . The software allows for the choice of fixed, wireless or infrared connection possibilities.