Sioux_Machine2WorldMachine2World® incorporates the following features:

  • Platform independent: the software can communicate with all standard  protocols and does not depend on customers’ existing infrastructure.

  • Communication via GPRS, UMTS, ADSL, ISDN, Wireless LAN.

  • Automatic data collection without customer intervention.

  • Seamless coupling with customer ERP/SAP systems.

  • Data is available anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You can request data from a fixed work station, your laptop or a PDA if you have Internet access.

  • User-friendly portal allows customer to consult and manage data with the help of graphics and reports.

  • Manage access rights and allocate custom privilege levels for multiple users


Thanks to these features Machine2World®  has been successfully deployed and is in use within various markets, from electron microscopes to snack vending machines; from navigation systems to home care. In 80% of the situations Machine2World® can be delivered as a turnkey solution; for other situations Sioux develops a bespoke solution tailored tot your exact needs.