Sioux_FactSelectFACTselect® is a unique solution that allows for significant savings of your packaging and transport costs by reducing the shipping volume. Product and order information from a warehouse management system are used to assess the integral packaging process. This process is then optimised by employing mathematical tools.


Optimising an existing packaging process

Depending on your current packaging process the following savings are possible by optimising the process:

  • up to 35% saving on packed volume,

  • up to 70% saving on filling material,

  • up to 25% saving on corrugated cardboard,

  • up to 20% saving on costs of volume based transport.


Alternative packaging process

Using FACTselect® the total costs of packaging and transport can be computed for alternative packaging processes, like:

  • using an on-demand packaging solution,

  • extending or rather reducing the number of box formats,

  • using a pack-assist tool to avoid human error costs.