Sioux_CubicSelectCUBICselect® is a cartonization tool to determine the right packaging box for each box per order. Selecting the smallest box automatically and quick, your costs for handling, filling material, transport and damage will reduce. CUBICselect® can be used in combination with existing WMS/WCS systems and is unequalled in performance.


The highest filling rate

One of the most important objectives of a cartonization tool is to reduce the total packaging volume as much as possible. Based on known sizes of products and available packaging boxes, it computes the most efficient way of packaging. Many cartonization tools are not able to select with 100% certainty a box where all products fit in. In practice this risk is alleviated by choosing a packaging box that is up to 25% too large. This still doesn’t give 100% certainty, but moreover also leads to unnecessary waste of material and transport costs.


A Better packaging process

CUBICselect® can be used in a variety of ways to improve your total packaging process:

  • If your process is based on selection by hand, CUBICselect® will allow you to increase the number of box formats, implying an even higher filling rate

  • CUBICselect® can be the basis of a Pick to Box process, where the packaging box is determined beforehand

  • Using CUBICselect® you can realise a good performance even with less experienced packers