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Mobile App Factory

Sioux - The Mobile App Factory specializes in the development of mobile apps for high-tech companies. In addition to functionality and user experience, the connectivity with devices and data visualization are leading themes. We know the business cases, knowledge domains and business processes of our clients and think in total solutions to improve their results.

More and more high-tech companies use mobile apps, as a functional component of their products, to improve processes, and to intensify customer relationships. Sioux supports them in part-time projects or by taking full project responsibility. We create added value as a multidisciplinary development partner, but also by looking beyond technology.

Mobile App Factory
Han Ho, Delivery Manager of Sioux High Tech Software Ltd.,

‘We make high quality world-class mobile apps for enterprises and start-ups.’



Sioux developed and built the CryoTEM workflow app for FEI Company. This tool guides users - depending on their choices - through complex processes. At the same time, the app generates valuable information for process improvement through feedback via a backend system.


Niko wants to give end users of their existing ‘Niko Home Control’ system an easy way to change the settings of their home automation programme themselves, instead of having to call the company that installed it. They are in need of an application that runs virtually on all of the user’s devices like tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android), desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac) and can connect to the Niko Home Control system.


To achieve monitoring and control, Sioux developed an intelligent remote service application. The machine submits data to a central server using a secure connection daily and in the event of any issues. The central server determines root causes for machine reboots, obtains higher-level information from the data and stores this for future reference. Numerous views are possible, such as the timeline view, which displays major machine events (machine errors, configuration changes, and reboot reasons) on a time axis and detailed information on the bottom half of the screen. This allows support engineers to quickly navigate the major events and see detailed machine information at particular timestamps. Moreover, service engineers are able to control the machine remotely through its UI and take immediate action in case anything should go wrong.


The first version of Releezme was installed in June 2016 in a high-tech building in Sweden. This system connects more than 6,000 lockers to the cloud and makes them accessible for all end users. The system has been installed worldwide at dozens of customers.


XeDiKe is a project which connects the transport for the benefit of customers.