Embedded Software

High-quality software design for maximum control of high-tech equipment.

Embedded Software

Sioux relieves OEMs in developing high-quality innovative embedded software for optimal control of hardware features of high-tech equipment, such as precision positioning and optical monitoring. We are closely associated with their R&D and manufacturing processes. In this manner, we help them to improve their products, speed up their time-to-market and reduce costs.


Embedded Software
Gerrit van der Beek, CEO Liteq

‘Sioux delivered a top level performance in developing embedded systems.’



The hardware of the device is manufactured by Sioux CCM (in The Netherlands) with the mobile software application designed and developed by Sioux High Tech Software Vietnam. To improve quality and consistency, the measurement is clearly illustrated in the app. To improve workflow efficiency, all test results can be uploaded. Data is made available for both communicative and more extensive for research purposes. At present, FIHM is developed and sold widely in Europe.


Sioux developed the new analogue front end for this new product’s feasibility study. This front end contains sensitive analogue electronics, a microcontroller with embedded software and a fibre to USB convertor. Sioux also developed the base station that can be connected to different CTG monitors. In this base station, the foetal heart rate, the mother’s heart rate, and the mother’s uterine activity are extracted from the measured signals. Finally, Sioux handled the production and testing for the amplifier hardware and base station, all fully in accordance with ISO 13485


The MR Clinical Applications group develops post-processing applications in order to keep their competitive advantage. These applications help radiologists to diagnose better and faster based on the information retrieved from the MRI scanner. A special application was needed to diagnose osteoarthritis in a patient’s knee, which needed to be able to visualise the microscopic structural changes in the composition of knee cartilage.