Niko smart domotics


Niko offers 3,500 products and solutions for switching equipment, intercom systems, lighting control and home automation. In 2002 the first people of Sioux started at Niko in order to develop a controller for a home automation system.

"We've been working here for more than a decade," says Dirk De Bruycker (on the right of the photo), manager of the Sioux establishments in Belgium. "Niko is one of our premium partners. The company is innovative, progressive, high-tech and durable. Sioux delivers software design and architecture, thinks along with the company in concept teams, fulfills the role of scrum master, gives advice on processes and is a strategic sparring partner for Niko. This collaboration delivers stunning products such as Niko Home Control, which allows you to control electrical functions in your house like lighting, heating, blinds, security, etc. through mobile devices."

Although the use of Niko Home Control is simple, the complex technology incorporates many disciplines: design, engineering, software, user experience, electronics, maintenance, appification, etc. It is a low energy system that can be deployed in many conceivable functional combinations. Furthermore, the use is unpredictable, while it has to function always and in all circumstances. The product, after all, intervenes in the daily lives of people.

NikoKoen De Bruyn, Chief Architect at Niko (on the photo on the left): "Sioux gives us an injection of expertise and helps us to achieve all of this. We rely primarily on their advanced knowledge of embedded software. At the same time we can go to Sioux with many questions. We know that we will always get a good and quick answer. In addition to cooperation on a secondment basis, we also collaborate with Sioux in fixed price-projects. Where Sioux is able to switch quickly between their international subsidiaries. One of the apps they developed recently for us - a platform independent tool that allows users of Niko Home Control to capture parameters for all kinds of functions – is established by their front and back office model. Sioux used the expertise of its subsidiaries, on different continents, optimally. The architecture and project management was organized from their front office in Eindhoven what made sure that quality and responsiveness was guaranteed. We see Sioux as an added value, because software is becoming more decisive for our success and we continuously develop new products and applications."


IAI Secure Documents Solutions

Sioux_IAIIAI develops machines for the production of secure documents and cards, such as passports, driving licenses and bank cards. The optica- and laser technology of IAI is among the best in the world. It forms the functional core of its Book- and CardMaster One systems, and is used in the application of security elements. Examples include laser burning tiny holes in Dutch licenses collectively reproducing the photograph and the laser shooting 3D photos on passports. However, the solutions of IAI go further: chip programming and the application of hidden images, micro texts and secure laminate.


Robert Hendriksen (on leftside in photo) is a software architect at Sioux and has been working for six months with IAI on the development of a new CardMaster One system. "The project has been challenging. The machine is high-tech, but you can still  understand it in its entirety. We are able to provide IAI expertise on many fronts: building software, implementing a development platform, transfering knowledge to IAI programmers, you name it. Moreover Sioux also works on the development of the hardware, by contributing in the field of opto mechatronics. So we can approach the project multidisciplinary and accelerate it. In addition, reliability is always the most important. The user may never be disappointed."

Ron van Oosterhout (on right), Director of Operations at IAI industrial systems: "The advantage of our cooperation with Sioux is in the combination of their competencies."


Phenom-World electron microscope

Sioux_PhenomEmile Asselbergs director of Phenom-World (on the left in the photo): "Phenom-World is a development organization. Our main customers are educational and research institutions, and companies that do quality checks. We provide affordable, reliable tabletop electron microscope and give in to our customers demands for specific functionalities such as the ability to analyze the chemical composition of preparations and the ability to print 3D samples. At the same time ease of use is important. This is reflected for instance in the design of the interface and control capabilities from mobile devices, but also in a unified workflow to be performed by users during their research. The people of Sioux play a crucial role in enabling this."

PhenomKristof Smits (on the right), account manager at Sioux for Phenom-World, explains: "We are developing the software and electronics from an open culture in which knowledge most important. Knowledge that we have gained in many high-tech sectors. That allows us to provide high quality system architects, software developers and electronic engineers who think, give advice, are creative, take responsibility and apply the latest technology to develop systems that meet the high demands of Phenom-World."

Asselbergs concludes: "Sioux has given us a significant boost to the absolute top of our market segment."