Industrial inkjet printers


The development of a new generation industrial inkjet printer requires a lot of specialized knowledge of electronics, mechatronics and software. Pre-eminently a job for the Sioux multidisciplinary engineers to take care of the development of the PC software, embedded software, calibration software, test software and the motion control hardware.

The new generation of ink-jet printers is capable of printing with an accuracy of a few micrometers of copper traces or drops of ink on a substrate (paper, PCB, metal, etc.).

Phenom electronic microscope

Sioux_phenomSioux is an important partner of Phenom-World. This innovative company is responsible for the development of the very first tabletop electronic microscope. In addition to the development of the complete software Sioux is also responsible for the development and testing of hardware (including high voltage electronics and wiring). A part of the hardware is even produced by Sioux. Sioux provides a total solution to Phenom-World.


Fiber Spinning Machine


The TMF-D100L drawing frame is a fiber spinning machine. It uses rough fiber material. This rough material is stretched and wound so that a certain evenness is achieved. This fiber can then be further processed into yarn.