Press Releases



Sioux receives a certificate for developing excellent opportunities for their employees.


Sioux is certified as a Top IT Employer in Netherlands 2012-2013. According to independent research, conducted by the CRF Institute, Sioux was reported as a Top Employer offering its employees excellent training opportunities.


All of the organizations that participated in the Top Employer research were evaluated based on several areas such as primary and secondary employment and working conditions, education and training, internal promotions and culture. Sioux met these strict criterias and received the Top IT Employer reward at the Award Ceremony in Amsterdam.


Hans Odenthal – people manager of Sioux: "We achieve this award by combining a pleasant working environment with challenging tasks. Obtaining the Top IT Employer Reward is a wonderful assertion that shows that Sioux takes good care of the needs of the empployees."





Sioux invests in remote-control robot for house care applications. 


Eindhoven, 12-09-2012 - Sioux has completed the development of the technical software for care-robot ROSE. ROSE Intelligent House Care can perform tasks such as using the microwave, grab a carton of milk or a tray, or wash the table with a cloth.



Sioux acknowledges that the demand for caring increases every day, while there is a decrease in the number of caregivers. Technical innovations can play an important role to break this impasse. Robot ROSE (Remotely Operated Service Robot) is the end result of the Peaks in the Delta project Tele-operated Service Robot (TSR). The goal of this project is the development of a remote-control robot for house care applications. The robot helps people with their house works and is controlled via a central or local house care program by a client through remote control.



In order to use robots for caring, Sioux had major technical obstacles to overcome. Indeed, there is a large degree of unpredictability about the tasks the robot must perform. Furthermore, the robot needs to be reliably and easily remotely operated. This makes the develop challenge much greater than with industrial robots that perform standard operations in a structured environment. The advantages compared to industrial robots are however big. ROSE has great strength, moves quickly and accurately over a long distance and can perform multiple work tasks in any environment. The technologies used: Ubuntu Linux, Robot Operating System (ROS), C + +, Ruby, Boost libraries, XML, QT Creator, Google Test, Cucumber and Hudson.

"We believe that we can make the world more comfortable, safer, enjoyable, cleaner and healthier by applying technology such as ROSE", says Hans Duisters, CEO of Sioux.





With this certificate Sioux can develop software for medical devices all over Europe.


Eindhoven, 31/10/2012 - Sioux received the ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 13485:2003. After the inspection, Sioux Embedded Systems was certified for the development of software for medical devices. 


Sioux Embedded Systems specializes in the development of technical software. Through cooperation with other Sioux companies in the field of industrial mathematics, electronics and remote solutions, customers can outsource their entire products to Sioux. With the new certifications, Sioux Embedded Systems can support the medical community in the development and manufacturing of both electronics and software.



Ron Willems, Managing Director of Sioux Embedded Systems: "This certification is a confirmation of the quality that we pursue within Sioux. By meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, we can directly serve customers in the medical domain. By meeting the high demands of the medical field, we also proof our quality to other industries. "