At Sioux we are convinced that entering into long-term partnerships constitutes the key to an even more successful future. We demonstrate this by abundantly investing in the development of our employees but also by entering into strategic partnerships with complementary organisations in the chain.


Microsoft Certified Partner

  Sioux has been a Certified Partner of Microsoft since 2003. This means that our people are certified on Microsoft Tooling. We demonstrate that customers appreciate our knowledge and application of Microsoft systems with this certification. 


High Tech Institute

  The High Tech Institute develops and organizes training and education for professionals in the high tech industry with the help of technology experts. The focus of these courses are on craftsmanship and leadership. Sioux is content owner of the software and system training courses  and supplies teachers on a regular base.



  Mikrocentrum provides an independent research institution contributing to improve technical and business processes of companies operating as OEM or supplier in the technological industry and/or the process industry in the Netherlands and/or Belgium. Mikrocentrum achieves this by organizing meetings in which the combination of knowledge and knowledge networks is central. 


  Sioux is one of the initiators and founders of Brainport Industries. The most advanced precision machines in the world are developed and produced in the Brainport region. The strong supply chain and network of high-tech suppliers have significantly contributed to the success of these OEM manufacturers. The suppliers join forces within Brainport Industries to coloborate together in the area of people, technology and markets.



Brainport Development

  Sioux is a member of Brainport Development, a development company that works together with representatives of industry, research institutes and government to strengthen Brainport Eindhoven Region. Top technology region Brainport, smartest region in the world in 2011, is an important pillar of the Dutch economy with the cutting edge High Tech Systems & Materials, Food and Technology, Automotive, Lifetec & Health and Design. Brainport Development stimulates and develops regional and (inter)national projects and programs, promotes Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands and abroad and facilitates the regional business community with business advice and funding, incubator facilities, industrial and business centers.


Brainprot 2020

  Southeastern Netherlands brings in a large share of the cost for the rest of the Netherlands. 35% of Dutch export comes from this region. Along with the main ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam Southeast Netherlands forms the backbone of the Dutch economy. Brainport aims for a top three position in Europe and a top 10 position in the world as a high-tech region in 2020. Sioux Brainport supports the achievement of this goal actively.


Holland High Tech

  Holland High Tech bundles the strengths of Dutch high-tech companies, research institutions and government with the aim of promoting co-operation and innovation in the top sector High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM), to represent interests and to strengthen the high-tech ecosystem.


High Tech NL   High Tech NL is an association of Dutch innovative high-tech companies and knowledge institutes. The members are part of the top sector HTSM and are expert in precision systems, complex components and advanced modules. They share their knowledge, cooperation and network to innovate more successfully.