Sioux invests in Xyall's Automatic Tumor Dissection Solution

High-tech company Sioux Technologies invests heavily in medical innovations. After an earlier investment in the precision tissue scan of SamanTree Medical in 2019, the Eindhoven-based tech company is now putting money and knowledge into medical start-up Xyall. This Dutch start-up focuses on the automation of tumor dissection processes.

The technical innovations of Xyall and SamanTree Medical contribute to improved cancer treatment.

Thanks to scientific research and medical innovations, more and more people are surviving cancer. Still, around 45,000 Dutch people die every year from this disease. That is why it remains crucial to invest in methods to better detect and treat cancer.


Leon Giesen, Sioux Technologies CEO Europe (on the right of the photo): “The future of the MedTech market is promising. Innovations in the medical field are going to have a major impact on our future healthcare. Digital transformation, robotization, remote care, personalized care, prevention, prediction, and early treatment are trends in which the high-tech sector will make the difference. We are proud that we can support companies such as SamanTree Medical and Xyall to play a significant role in this."


Where SamanTree Medical enables the doctor to immediately visualize cancer cells in the operating room on a surgical sample, with a practical tissue scan, to determine the correct margin, the automated solution from Xyall takes the tumor dissection out of the hands of pathologists. The current way of working is labor-intensive and error-prone. Thanks to the Xyall system, more than 60 samples can be processed per hour, quality control is built in as standard and the chance of cross-contamination is less than 0.01 percent. Not only does this significantly improve the quality of the pathological process, but it also saves a considerable amount of time. The high-tech solution from Xyall contributes to reliable diagnostic test results for cancer patients and enables personalized treatment that is tailored to the patient's needs.

Guido du Pree, CEO Xyall (on the left of the photo): “This development requires enormous expertise in technological domains such as optics, Artificial Intelligence, medical robotics and data processing. The strategic partnership with Sioux was a logical step for us, they have all the knowledge and experience to accelerate our innovation.”

Source: Sioux EU