The playing field within which Sioux operates is fascinating. In high­tech, we see opportunities in what does not yet exist and seek to turn that future into reality. Moreover, in order to seize those opportunities, we are constantly pushing the boundaries in technology, knowledge and applications. Our motivation is to make the world a better place: safer, healthier, more sustainable and more comfortable… All of that is reflected in the stories in this edition of Source, for example in the story of the promising start­ups in medical technology, that we are supporting as a development and manufacturing partner and sometimes also as an investor.


Nemo Healthcare spotted an opportunity to improve the safety of mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth with the help of a revolutionary new monitoring system. Another young company we work with is Xyall. It is set to significantly improve the quality and speed of pathological processes with its automated solution for dissecting tumor tissue. And you can also read the inspiring stories of the students of the Delft University of Technology who are turning their dream of enabling people with paraplegia to walk again into a reality with their exoskeleton.

Sometimes, seeing opportunities and seizing them is also a case of literally stepping across frontiers. Sioux wants to remain relevant: it can only do so through further growth in terms of size and knowledge. The Netherlands is too small for that. For this reason, we have opened new locations in Southern Germany and China this year. We are joining high­tech clusters in those countries where we can be of great value, if only because a multidisciplinary systems integrator like Sioux is unique there. Therefore, it is an investment in our future, but also a splendid new adventure.

Hans Duisters
CEO Sioux Group

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