What is Hot-or-Not?

As an innovative partner, Sioux always desires for contributing to the development of technology. We love sharing our knowledge and experience in order to inspire the young generation of software specialists, with the passion for high technology and the advanced technical skills. We also believe that knowledge is to be shared to acquire and broaden knowledge together.


Holding that ambition, Hot-or-Not event is especially organized by Sioux with the aim of helping software specialists keep up-to-date with the latest and “hottest” trends as well as technologies. Experts are invited as speakers to talk about the latest innovations in their specialized expertise area or domain in our Hot-or-Not sessions. Participants will decide whether the topic is “hot” or “not” in the end.


Hot-or-Not is hosted by Sioux Vietnam regularly once per quarter to keep the audience updated and everyone who is keen on technologies is welcome to join us.