Facts & Figures


Sioux Embedded Systems Ltd. was founded on August 6, 2012



Sioux Embedded Systems Ltd. is part of the Sioux Group (founded in the Netherlands on May 1, 1996).



The Sioux Group has an annual revenue of approximately 42 million euro with a healthy return.



30% of our engineers have a Bachelor degree and 70% have a Master’s degree or higher.



Sioux Group annually invests approximately 1 million euro in knowledge and innovation, such as Phenom-World (scanning electron microscopy), Liteq (lithograpghy) and SoLayTec (atomic layer despositioning).



100% of our current activity is in the form of European projects in-house.



Sioux Group has several business units: embedded systems, mechatronics, electronics, industrial mathematics, automotive solutions, remote solutions and technologies. Our office in Da Nang is specialized in: embedded systems, embedded Android development, mobile development and technical software.



Sioux has five offices in the Netherlands, two in Belgium, one in Vietnam, one in Germany and one in the United States. Sioux also has an extensive and high quality back office in Russia. Headquartered in Eindhoven.



Sioux Group is the partner suplier for companies like ASML, Philips, FEI, Canon, MSD, ESA, TomTom, NIKO, Cisco en Bosch.



89% of the Sioux employees would recommend Sioux to friends and acquaintances as an employer.



84% of customers feel that Sioux performs (well) above average compared to the competition.



Sioux has been rewarded several times with awards, including the Dutch Industrial Supplier Award, Mechatronics Award, Best Entrepreneur Vision, Best 1st Tier Supplier Award. Sioux is a valued employer and has earned the title Best ICT company to work for, Top Employer ICT and Great Place to Work.