Ultra fast scanning

The customer’s challenge

Philips wants to develop a fully operational prototype from scratch of a fast sample scanner, in a very short time. This machine needs to deliver high-quality images within the shortest possible timeframe, to be used for digital pathology research.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux was responsible for the development of the mechanics, mechatronics and control software. At the same time, Sioux was in charge of system integration with complementary partners, multi-site. In a timeframe of only 12 months, Sioux provided the IntelliSite Ultra Fast Scanner to Philips.


This medical device has been successfully introduced to the global market by Philips. The systems are highly appreciated by hospitals. The scanner delivers and archives automated, high-quality, digital images much faster than before.


Mechanical design, system architecture, fast prototyping, DfM, Agile Software Development, C++, Model-driven development with ASD (Verum), Matlab/Simulink (MathWorks), LabVIEW, FDA, ISO-13485, and IEC-62304.

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