The customer’s challenge

The customer wanted to build a non-profit application that runs on both Android and iOS. The app is a platform for people to give away useful items that they don’t need to others, and vice versa.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed a complete system including a mobile app on iOS and Android for users, a landing page to promote the application, and a Content Management System (CMS) Website for admins to manage the content in the application.


The system is deployed to App-store for iOS, Google Play-store for Android, and has been used by many citizens, especially in Danang. They are happy with this application - which is an important motivation for our company to support the city with a non-profit application. Upon creating this application, we bring high tech to life by inspiring technology lovers to contribute their skills to make our society a better place. Especially, following the fourth industry resolution (Industry 4.0), new solutions and technologies to be applied are indispensable to our society.


C#, Xamarin, MVVM-Cross, MySql, ASP.NET MVC - Web API, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Android, iOS.

With the ambition to bring Danang to become a Smart City 4.0, Sioux dedicated a platform for people to give and take items on their wills. The points of the application are, helping people to save on facilities, reducing the use of resources, inspiring a giving society – a solid base for a smart city.


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