Foetal Ecg Monitoring Patch

The customer’s challenge

Nemo Healthcare is capable of monitoring the heart activity of unborn children. Their new application uses an improved electrode patch placed on the abdomen of the pregnant patient. The new front end needs to be low in noise with a high common mode rejection ratio to be able to measure the foetal ECG.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux developed the new analogue front end for this new product’s feasibility study. This front end contains sensitive analogue electronics, a microcontroller with embedded software and a fibre to USB convertor. Sioux also developed the base station that can be connected to different CTG monitors. In this base station, the foetal heart rate, the mother’s heart rate, and the mother’s uterine activity are extracted from the measured signals. Finally, Sioux handled the production and testing for the amplifier hardware and base station, all fully in accordance with ISO 13485.


Nemo Healthcare moved from a proof of concept to a product that is now ready for the certification process.


Amplifiers, filtering, simulations, 16 bit ADC, ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, fibre optics, USB, Altium PCB layout, C, Linux, Sioux SCAP, assembly and testing.

Nemo Healthcare is a high-tech start-up company that focuses on the development of innovative technology for pregnancy monitoring. Nemo has specialised expertise in the fields of technology, science and medicine and a solid network of development partners.

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