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4 Ways To Find The Right Developer/Agency For Your Mobile App

Nowadays Smartphones have become a popular item for people. More than 3 billion people globally use smartphones and spend most of the time on mobile apps to discover new things. To take advantage of this opportunity, many businesses develop mobile apps to add value to their products and services and stand out from the crowd.  


Once you've decided to embark on building a professional app for your business, the first question is: "What Is The Best Way to Get Started With My Idea to Build a Mobile App? Where Do I Start?  When talking about mobile app development, cheaper is not always better and this is often reflected in the quality of the end products. There are many ways to develop a mobile app and we will show you the benefits and limitations of each choice: 


In-house development


Setting up your own in-house app development team to build your company's mobile app. That way you can control the quality of personnel input for your company’s long-term app development project. However, there is a downside to this idea: 

  • The process of developing mobile applications requires many resources and technical know-how. Finding the right talents is time-consuming and once you got a strong team, your competitors might have progressed further with a rapidly deployed application. 

  • Managing and operating the project and its team professionally and efficiently might be challenging if mobile app development is not your core business, spending more money and internal resources than you anticipated to develop an even competitive application. 

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Using available application development platforms

If you want to develop an application with simple and basic features, using the manual app creation tools/platforms can be a viable method for you. Many websites provide platforms available for small business owners seeking to build an application for self-marketing. 


These tools can be beneficial if you are looking for a cost-saving way to create an application and do not mind the basic design or functions related to this option. For this reason, you should only use this method if you are creating a simple app for your business that is not intended to sell goods or promote your brand. 


Hiring an individual to develop your mobile app (Freelance developers)

It's not always easy to find someone with a qualified skill set to understand your idea. However, this is usually a cheaper option than hiring a development team/a development company. You should remember to consider the risks involved, the viability in the marketplace and the feasibility of bringing the actual value to the end-user. 


You should only hire a freelance developer that you trust and know well about their capacity to ensure that your products meet the requirements best. If you choose this method, there's a chance you might need to hire more people for each phase of your mobile app development project and it'll take a lot of time to keep you updated on the process for new people. For example, not all of the developers are also a UX/UI designer, so you might need to hire a designer to perform the initial design phase before hiring a developer to build the app. 


Working with a professional mobile app development company

The benefit of collaborating with a company specializing in mobile app development is that you will be assured in terms of solutions and always be working with a team that includes many experts/specialist for each phase of the project such as consulting solutions (Solution Architect), analyzing and performing the user experience/user interface (UX/UI) design, app development (Junior/Senior Engineer) and testing (QA/QC)...All of them will work with you to define the best solution for your idea and create more than just a mobile app but also the best values for your end-users and that is exactly what impacts the user's choice of using your app when it launches on the market. 


Therefore, mobile app development companies like Sioux Technologies offer broader know-how. Their pool of software engineers offers various skill levels and extensive experience of working on projects across different industries.  

You should choose this option for applications that require complex technical features, or long-term projects that require a strong and stable team with a tight and professional workflow/process. Surely this option is very effective and the success probability of your app is higher.  

Choose the best way and let your mobile app drive your business!  Let’s discuss it

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