Sioux_Technical softwareTechnical Software builds technically complex, intelligent, software-intense products or systems in close contact with our customers. The core business is development of complex multidisciplinary software-controlled systems, always with our customers as the starting point for our development.


Wide range of specialists

Sioux supports you with the involvement of specialists (ranging from software engineer to software architects and from testers to project managers) fulfilling your needs for capacity and knowledge to enable the realization of your software-development projects.


Knowledge and skills

We know that our success and past results can only be achieved by having the right people. All our employees have a technical background at either Bachelor or Master Level. We also invest in the continued development of our people in terms of technical specialism and personal skills. All our specialists have knowledge of and experience with development methodologies, programming languages (C, C++, C#) and tooling and (real time) operating systems. Expertise areas include embedded and real-time software, Microsoft .NET, Linux, architecture, Java, testing and technology platforms. In addition, quality, productivity, flexibility, and collaboration are our core business.