Professional Equipment Manufacturing

Professional Equipment ManufacturingThe Dutch and Belgian innovative Professional Equipment Manufacturing industry, most of which is concentrated around the region Eindhoven (Brainport) and Leuven-Aachen, excels in developing and making the world's most advanced machines. This high-tech equipment is like no other in the world.


Embedded systems are the core of the functionality and intelligence in almost all high-tech equipment. As such, embedded systems play an important role in society, although usually in an invisible manner.


Sioux specializes in developing and making the most advanced mechanics, electronics, software, physics, optics and mathematics for machines that operate with nanometer precision. Accuracy is crucial for the semicon and image & printing industry. Sioux is able to serve the international market of high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity (sub)systems. For Professional Equipment Manufacturers that want to develop their concepts into complete machines or sub-modules.