Hans Duisters


Managing Director

Works at Sioux since:

Founded Sioux in 1996. 
Previously employed by: BSO and High Tech Automation


"Technical innovation can make the world more, cleaner, safer, healthier, enjoyable and sustainable"  


        What are your tasks within Sioux?

        I have ultimate responsibility for Sioux

        What element of Sioux makes you most proud?

        That we contribute to a better world through our technology.

        We do this with the best and most passionate engineers who always deliver a top

        performance for our customers every time.


        How does Sioux contribute to your personal development?

        At Sioux we share high standards and values and therefore it is necessary to give

        everyone trust and freedom.

        I am continuously learning about the difference between management and leadership.








What is important in your work at Sioux?

The focus is on the people. Sincere interest in people makes the difference. That's something else than business interest. Our employees come first. If we have enthusiastic and happy employees this will ultimately benefit our customers. Ultimately this will give the best sustainable outcome. I see money as a means and not an end. This is how money came into existence. One person had a lot of bear skins and the other had a lot of fish; one wanted a warm jacket and the other was hungry. Money is just a medium through which this kind of trade has become standardised. Now it becomes the target for many companies. I wanted a different culture at Sioux, one which stays away from the focus on shareholder value.

What do you like to do next to your work?

I like to go cycling on my cross-hybrid in the beautiful forests in the Eindhoven area. I can empty my head and let nature inspire me with new creative ideas.