The customer’s challenge

The requirement is creating a platform to help connect passengers and drivers for the ride under 9 seats and less than 300km distance.

Sioux's contribution

XeDiKe Web is designed to help passengers understand the schedule proactively, the number of empty seats, time of departure and fare provided by the driver. The evaluation system of XeDiKe Web will provide passengers know the reputation of the driver, which makes the trip had a better experience. By own algorithm, it will show everyone the amount of CO2 which are minimized through each trip.


The users have a website to find rides with the best quality. The driver can connect with thousands of customers and willing to serve the needs of travel every day. This has contributed to reducing the amount of CO2 per day. The Earth will be very grateful to us about this.


ReactJS, Javascript, CSS, .Net Core, C#, Web API, Database MySQL

XeDiKe - a startup in Danang, Vietnam


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