Human Anatomy On HoloLens Demo



“Human Anatomy on HoloLens” application which is developed by Sioux Vietnam following the requirement of a startup company in Australia, can change the ways of  learning human body by the interactive way. 




Using this app, viewers can walk around a holographic human body standing in the middle of the room with its arms spread out. The body does not have skin, allowing viewers to see the muscles, heart, lungs, kidneys and so on. Step in a little closer and viewers can see the bones and organs underneath, depending on how close they move to the body using footsteps.



“This project was completed in one month by using .NET, UWP and Unity3D. We think that this app displays the future of the HoloLens in a practical and educational sense. It’s could change the way we teach anatomy and our understanding of the human body as we help to prepare the next generation of doctors.” said Tu Nguyen, Software Engineer of Sioux.






At Sioux, we always challenge our engineers with new technology projects to create great products for better life.

Watch the video demo of "Human Anatomy on HoloLens" via this link: 

Press Conference of "Feedback App" and "DanaBus App"



In the afternoon of May 10th, Danang Department of Information and Communications and Danang Department of Transport held a press conference to release two apps "Feedback Danang" and "Danabus" on smartphones which were developed by Sioux.



Mr. Nguyen Xuan Huy shared about Sioux and two apps at Press Conference



The event was organized with aims to create the most favorable conditions for people to comment, reflect and give feedback about issues in Danang with “Feedback App”.  Also within the framework of the press conference, Da Nang Department of Transport also officially announced “Danabus App” (with over 3,000 download within 9 days) to provide information about the public bus system of Danang. DanaBus supports people to search the roadmap, know the exactly time when bus come to reduce the waiting time.





With the trust of the local government and great efforts of software engineers, Sioux has successfully developed two apps "Feedback Danang" and "DanaBus" with the desire to contribute on Danang city to make it become more beautiful and modern.





Sioux team at Press Conference 

Partnership between Sioux and VNUK - Institute for Research & Executive Education




On Thursday 18th May, Sioux signed a new MOU with VNUK – the first international university established solely due to a bilateral agreement between the governments of Vietnam and the UK; in partnership with the ‘Vietnam-UK Network’. VUNK is a model of an international standard university, pioneering in reforming higher education in Vietnam.


Mr Huy Nguyen (General Manager, Sioux Vietnam) was present for the signing, alongside his Sioux colleagues. Our partnership with VNUK will allow students from VNUK to take our internship program at Sioux. On behalf of Sioux, Mr. Huy wants to help students to develop their career path as well as create opportunities for young people in our company.




 Mr Huy Nguyen with Dr Huong Nguyen - VUNK shaking hands, after the signing of the MOU


Definitely, this is a great chance for students to have professional hands-on experiences to improve their academic knowledge.  Students from VUNK could potentially take internships with Sioux in software development, human resource, marketing, accounting and finance. Also, this partnership will bring more events, seminars and training opportunities for the wider community in Danang.




 Mr Huy Nguyen and Dr Huong Nguyen signing the MOU


Sioux believes in the high-quality students of VNUK and hopefully, we can join hands to support young talents to make a positive impact on technology community in Da Nang.





Mr. Huy Nguyen interacting with VNUK's students



Mr Huy Nguyen received flowers and gift from VNUK

The Third Sioux Coffee: "Software Generator"

 The 3rd Sioux Coffee: "Software Generator"


The third Sioux Coffee, “Software Generator” just happened with the guest speaker - Robert Hendriksen - an expert of software architect from Sioux Group in the Netherlands, with nearly 30 software engineers.




Robert believes in minimizing development errors by creating tools for the domain expert. In recent projects, he applied his knowledge to reduce manual coding, simplify testing and improve overall quality.



By his enthusiasm and professionalism, he introduced to the participants the basic knowledge about Code Generator. How to build a state machine to create a language that many people can understand and visualize. From that model, participants can generate code for their own project.




Thinh Kieu shared: “First impression of Sioux Coffee is that we have a great speaker, friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced. He introduced a complex topic - Code Generator - with a lot of specific, practical examples and visual diagrams. I learned much more new helpful knowledge from the Coffee, that day. Also, food and drinks are delicious, I like them, too.”






Sioux Develops DanaBus App for Danang city


With the trust of the local government and great efforts of software engineers, within two months, Sioux has released the first version of the DanaBus App for smartphones to look for bus routes in Danang city.






DanaBus App supports people to look up bus routes and track bus position with exact time to help users get detailed information about the routes, the exact time when the bus comes to reduce waiting time. Also, with finding optimal route function, it helps the users to find the right route from starting point to ending point. In the case of using multiple buses to come to final destination, the application supports to point out when and where you can change the bus.




Using Xamarin to develop app on iOS and Android with both English and Vietnamese language to approach more people.

Sioux is proud to develop DanaBus App for Danang city. We believe that this app will contribute to build Danang city more worth living, beautiful, peaceful, civilized and modern.

Download and try DanaBus App: 

 Contact us for more information via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.