Sioux Tech Fund Invests In Precision Cancer Treatment

Sioux invests 3 million in SamanTree Medical

The Sioux Tech Fund has invested 3 million euros in the Swiss company SamanTree Medical to support the commercialization of its Histolog™ system. SamanTree Medical is committed to reducing the need for cancer surgery re-operation, particularly in breast surgery. The patented solution of this medical start-up enhances clinician ability to assess tumor margins with greater precision during surgery.


Histolog™ Scanner v2 enhances clinician ability to assess tumor margins with greater precision during surgery

More than half a million lumpectomies are performed annually in the USA and Europe alone and up to 25% require re-operation. Additional operations are a burden for the patient and it increases the stress relative to the treatment. Furthermore, it also results in additional costs. Surgeons face a difficult trade-off: maximize confidence in the removal of the entire tumor (clean margin) and minimize the removal of healthy tissue.

Checking the tumor margin is done via histopathology microscopy. However, the results are only available days after the operation. The Histolog™ enables real-time tumor margin assessment during the surgery, with unprecedented accuracy. This innovative and very practical tissue imaging modality carries the promise of a better patient care, by increasing the confidence in a complete tumor removal at first surgery.

In addition to an investment, Sioux also provides expertise in high-tech production and data analysis to SamanTree Medical. Sioux has obtained the exclusive production rights of this medical machine and will assist with the engineering of the system with its knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Arnoud de Geus, Director of New Business Development at Sioux:

"The Histolog system enables real-time histology of all tissue types: it will have a big impact on tumor surgery, digital pathology and precision cancer treatment - a development that we at Sioux would like to be part of and want to contribute to."

SamanTree Medical announced the successful closing of its CHF 9.5 million Series A financing from investment partners: Panakès Partners, the Sioux Tech Fund, BOM Brabant Ventures and btov Partners. The European Innovation Council also granted SamanTree Medical, via the Horizon2020 SME instrument program, a further 2.3 million euros in September last year.

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Source: Sioux EU